Unitatis Books is proud to present its debut title, If Protestantism is True: The Reformation Meets Rome.

In this book, Catholic apologist Devin Rose combines Church history, theology, and common-sense to argue for the Catholic Church. Sprinkled with biographical sketches of both converts and Christians still on the fence, as well as his own story of radical conversion from atheism to Christianity, the book offers a series of compelling arguments that the Catholic Church is what she claims to be. Far from an angry polemic, Rose demonstrates his great appreciation for his Evangelical Protestant heritage and, with tact and fairness, shows how Catholicism is the fulfillment of the great truths believed by Protestants.

Catholics will learn how to defend their faith with the most powerful arguments against Protestant challenges. They will be empowered to help their Protestants friends see the reasonableness of the Catholic Church and help fellow Catholics on the fence remain in the Church. Protestants will discover the most critical questions they need to ask themselves in their desire to be ever closer to Jesus Christ.

Over the years, friends of mine–both Protestant and Catholic–have asked me for what book I would recommend to them for understanding the root of the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism. I never had one single answer to give them, even though many solid Catholic apologetics books exist which I would recommend. Now, however, I give them this book. It avoids verse-slinging and even wrangling over individual doctrines. Instead it takes a step back and examines Protestantism as a whole, in light of the history of the Church, to demonstrate that it is unworkable, while showing the Catholic Church to be the most reasonable alternative. — Devin Rose

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